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Volunteer Appreciation Event- Decatur, AL

It’s always an honor to perform for volunteers. I’ve said it before, these folks are a link in the chain that helps deliver the Gospel.  To assist in giving them a night of food, laughter and fun always grows my…Read more

Comedy Night Fundraiser- Fitchburg, MA

It was an absolute pleasure performing for Crossing Over’s Laughing for Recovery Comedy Show.  This is an incredible non-profit ministry that helps men turn their lives around and walks with them through their struggles.  Donald and his family are amazing. …Read more

Coffeehouse Concert- Chester, VT

This was my first time in Vermont and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  The people are as beautiful as the scenery.  I had the joy of spending a night of Laughter with the wonderful folks at grounded4LIFE…Read more

Comedy Night- Barnegat, NJ

Comedy Night in New Jersey was great.  I had blast performing for Bayside Chapel.  I liked Bayside Chapel, and not just because it shares the name of my favorite fictional high school.  I can’t wait to go back!

Volunteer Appreciation- Southbury, CT

I am always honored and humbled to perform for volunteers.  I was a volunteer myself (until “background checks” became a thing).  Anyway, it’s wonderful to say thank you through comedy to folks who help make the Gospel known.  

Annual Conference- Biloxi, MS

What a great time performing for the employees, sponsors, and franchisee’s of the Walk-On’s Enterprise.  This Annual Conference had it all!  Food, fun, a “Resort Casual” dress code and Drew Brees!  I was just impressed with the amount of plants…Read more

Knights of Columbus! Annual Meeting

I had a great time performing for the Virginia Knights of Columbus.  This was their annual meeting and it was wonderful to share laughs with these great folks.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner- Canton, MI

This was my second time at Life Church in Canton Michigan and this time was even more fun than the first! (You can view my first time here)  Not only did I have more hilarious airport mishaps, lots of laughs…Read more

North Carolina Safety Council- Ocean Isle, NC

It’s always great to perform for a company where the employees love to work.  Employee after employee bragged how the North Carolina Safety Council was the best place to work ever.  It made  for great crowd that I loved sharing…Read more

Spiritual Renewal Weekend- Winston Salem, NC

It was an honor to be a part of the Spiritual Renewal Weekend at Robinhood Road Baptist. This is a Church that is full of love, plain and simple. There were families, couples, laughter, deserts, prayer, and best of all,…Read more